With more people jumping on their bikes as the weather is improving and  "Ride to Work Day" coming up shortly, it would be a good time to have a push to stop motorists illegally entering and stopping in bike lanes, potentially endangering cyclists and/or obstructing them.  I am sure many of you regular cycle commuters know of places where motorists regularly stop in bike lanes without any action being taken.  I propose that over the next couple of weeks in the lead up to "Ride to Work Day", we make a concerted effort to report these problem spots to councils and the police.    If we can get enough AC members supporting this, hopefully we can have a blitz on illegal stopping in bike lanes around the city that will change driver behavior that will make our cycling routes safer this summer.  

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I often see electronic signs saying "Police watching out for seat belts" or "drink drivers" or "speeding drivers".

It would be great to see one saying "Police watching out for cars in bike lanes!"

Such a sign might be educational, although  I have never actually seen them doing what they say they will do on the sign.  In fact I tend to think are there in place of them actually doing those things (please excuse the cynic in me).

You're probably right!

I disagree, my son got pinged for not wearing his seatbelt  as did the driver during a "blitz", even if they dont do much it is still helpful motorist behaviour influencing

On Muller Road last week they could have put a sign up that read "Police pulling people over into bike lanes"... AGAIN.

Great. Also include driving in the bike lane. On some wider roads (Glynburn, Port Rush/ Ascot Ave) some slower cars, or wanting to turn left, seem to hug the bike lanes and use them as a left turn lane a long way before the turn. Then there is scooter riders of which many seem to be very nervous and inexperienced riders who use the bike lane as well.



This morning my bike lane was blocked by a dozen or so pears, I had to weave around them. This actually made me laugh as I weaves around them, trying to imagine how they got there

We read and hear all of this now regularly published lip service about cycling and how more funding etc is being set aside for improvements.

In my opinion the reality is that if the current infrastructure was properly maintained and policed it would be a major improvement without spending a cent, in reality would probably generate some funds by applying the current laws which in turn has the effect of educating once $$$ are involved.

I rode down Marion Road yesterday from the veloway at Darlington and between Darlinton and Sturt Road in one spot you have ease out of the bike lane due to a small tree that needs pruning and then a couple of hundred metres further on you have to duck for another branch that is overhanging.

The current mentality of bragging about funding, then painting a few lines on the road that never get maintained, cleaned or policed needs to change.


The topic of main roads also being used as car parks (especially in "bike lanes" ) is a subject for another potential rant that I will sideline for now.


Part of Marion Rd below...

@ Mike, reporting such static hazards to the Dept of Tspt often gets things fixed, failing that I have been known to carry a pair of secauteurs with me, of course one shouldn't admit to doing this on AC, you will get lectured.

This morning I contacted the Walkerville council about cars stopping in the bike lane on Ascot Ave outside the Vale park primary school.  Often the cars only stop for a minute or so, but there is a continuous stream of them and they will pull up in front of you when you are doing 50+km/h with a semi trailer in the lane next to you.

Shouldn't you be doing only 25km/h in a school zone? I assume that if cars are pulling into the bike lane it is school drop-off/pick-up time...

This is not a school zone on Ascot Ave.  There are school zones on the side roads in addition to the car park where parents can safely drop off their kids.  Ascot Ave is a arterial road with a 60km/h limit.


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