Riding to work this morning up Burlington Street Walkerville (Levels Bikeway) and noticed some new paint on the roadway with some very small bike symbols painted on the road. Photos attache- can someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe this meets any Australian road standards. There's also no additional signage (maybe they are planning to add in the future?).

Experience tells me this is just going to lead to more conflict and potential injuries- inexperienced riders run the risk of getting doored, people riding outside this zone will be open to abuse and punishment passes by drivers who believe these are bike lanes (this is a very regular occurrence I find when I'm riding Galway ave).

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I will followup with email to council.

I agree traffic volume is generally very low even in peak hour people use church tce for their short cuts. However with an On the Run service staion being built on the corner of Burlingotn and North East this might change.

"markings along Galway ave- I don't have issues very often, but when I do, most are along that stretch- close passes and "GTF in the bikeline dickhead" being yelled as they shave you while trying to avoid parked cars."

Yes Kristian, I know what you mean. Generally I feel very safe on Galway Ave, given the width but as you say, when you do need to pass the parked cars, some motorists give no quarter at all.

The worst thing for me is that it is such a nice stretch of road that I get quite a speed up, but some drivers just pile into the roundabouts as if you are not already entering it. Funnily enough I've had some shouted abuse too but there is something excellent about this road. The traffic lights at both the Regency and the N/E Rd end take an age to change and you can often pull up next to the brave smart arse whilst they're playing with their phone at the lights.


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