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I have 2 old Silca floor pumps with the original 10mm o/d hoses which have seen better days. I'd like to replace the hoses but the original equipment Silca-branded ones are a bit pricey - around $30 each! I've discovered a 6mm (1/4") I/D, 10mm O/D, 2 component, flexible braided rubber air hose that appears very similar (if not identical) to the red rubber hose that Silca provide as a replacement. In fact it seems quite similar to the hose that Silca use for their US$1000 Super Pista Ultimate pump!

I can buy in a 10 metre role for a fraction of the price they sell their 91cm individual replacement hoses for. Except I don't need 10 metres!

Is there anyone out there who has an old Silca or similar floor pump in need of a spiffy new red hose on the cheap? I'm happy to buy the 10 metre role if I can off-load a few metres to defray costs - 5 takers would do it! You don't need more than 1 metre per pump. How does $5 for a replacement 1 metre hose sound?

You'd need to get your own clamps from Bunnings if needed. You'd also need to pick up from Semaphore. No pre-payment needed - just expressions of interest.


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I have used 6mm rubber fuel hose for replacement purposes on car tyre pumps, but that might not take the very high pressures of a bike floor pump.

(I have used it for pumping to about 85psi without any problems, but I don't know about 120psi.)

Or air compressor hose.

I'll take 2 Sam.

Well the roll of hose has arrived! Red, high quality multi-layer air compressor hose.

Gemma - I'll send you a text.

Any more takers?



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