Just wondering anyone using one of these. Im thinking of getting one

Or is there something similar should look at


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Have a look at the Garmin range

I got the Bryton50

Very happy with it.

Takes a while to set up its computer interface. Once done seems to work well, takes about 3 minutes to upload a ride.

The map is poor quality so I rarely use it - i think thats the 50's only advantage over the 35

I dont use its training funcion so cant comment.

It likes to have aquired its satellites before you ask it to record the ride so I now have the habit of turning it on outside whilst I get dressed.

HR monitor works well, even without sweat!

I think it is a bit more bulky than the garmin- but I am not sure.

Suggest you look at the Bryton website Bryton Sports to see if you like the format of its reporting - but looks fairly similar to the other websites I have looked at.  I often export my data to the Strava site.

Why buy a 35T from overseas when you can get the same model (but called the 30 here and with a slightly different case) at a lower price than wiggle from one of our AC sponsors listed on the right of this page? And get warranty and service in Australia.

Just noticed that page - looks like a great deal for $250.

Im looking for a decent(and stylish) computer + cadence reader for my partner's bike. The Bryton does all that, plus recording as well ... so it might be worth the price difference over something simpler.

The Bryton also uses ANT+, so that opens up a whole lot of possibilities for future uses as well. (Interface to a variety of power meters and other gadgets, etc)

Will have a look soon ....



The only big negative I can see with the Bryton is the way it is locked down. A WinCE core + restrictive licensing of the interface to the unit is usually a sure sign of an evolutionary dead end - sooner or later.

Thanks for that cheapest found it now is $249 on cellbike website

Don't forget your discount at Star Cycles Mike.

I agree Phil.  That sponsor has amazing customer service too

Which sponsor Lee ??? lol...oh same sponsor as my LBS ?  :)

Could be Terry.  Might be the same sponsor that makes an appearance and actually rides with us lol

Ohhh so it was HIM...... oh I see he has specials on a carbon bike hmmmmmmm

Yep, I have a 30 (35). It was about a hundred cheaper than the Garmin equivalent.

The HRM is excellent with a strong signal and is a very comfortable design to wear.

The Cad sensor can be a bit finicky- it likes to be very close to the magnet on the crank or it can drop out, but as long as you've got it adjusted properly it's good. The satellite signal usually kicks in fairly quickly- occasionally it won't pick up the satellite unless I start recording the ride, but I don't know how it compares with other units.

I get a bit annoyed with the menu system at times, but that's personal- I suggest you try it in-shop before you buy.

Bryton have been updating their firmware and computer interface quite regularly recently. The updates are free and automatic when you log in to their website.

You can make your uploaded rides public and do the online community thing the same way as Garmin, but I've started using Strava instead. At the moment Strava doesn't support Bryton natively they way it does Garmin, so I just upload the GPX file manually. Strava said they plan to add Bryton units in their future upgrades.

So, play with the head unit, see if it suits you, but I'm happy.

Michael, as you know I started playing with my new Rider 30 (35) recently and was initially unimpressed, but now I've got the computer interface sussed and am starting to play with planned rides etc and the nav, and I'm much happier now.  The (complete lack of) instructions was a problem but I am now impressed - would now recommend.


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