Just wondering anyone using one of these. Im thinking of getting one

Or is there something similar should look at


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I got the Bryton 20 from a certain site sponsor to the right of page.  Nice little unit, though I don't have a HRM or cadence sensor at this point - I'll do that some other time.

I'm hoping now that Bryton has publicly released its BDX format we might see support in Strava...

Darren do you know what the main difference is between the 30 and 20?

Check the Bryton site, but I thought the 20 is the entry level and doesn't offer Cadence or HRM options? Just the GPS recording of speed, route and associated averages, ride time etc.

yeah the 20 doesn't have HR or cadence.

The interwebs seem to indicate it is ant+ compatible though, so you could add your own HR and cadence/speed devices.

It can be purchased with HR as a kit, and also HR and cadence is available as an optional extra upgrade if needed.

@Gary  +1  :)

My Bryton 2o has a HRM and can take a cadence sensor.

There is a version of the 20 that has HR and cad, but not sure if they sell it locally.

The form factor is a bit different, not as much screen real estate so only 3 fields instead of 5 fields are displayed.  Also no barometric altimeter, so the 20 relies on the GPS for elevation (which, if my phone is anything to go by, is not particularly accurate).

Darren is there any reason or unwritten rule why you (and others) don't mention the actual sponsor? I would have thought seeing as they do sponsor we should be mentioning them all the time. Not complaining just curious.

Have been using  Bryton20 for past 3 months and love it.. easy to get satellite load up which is pretty much instant... and yes it can have HRM added to it.. Just need to buy the belt kit thats all....LBS might be seeing me soon :).. 

Greetings (again) from the city of the coathanger. I was looking up Brytons as an alternative to another Garmin purchase and stumbled on this discussion and it seems there are a couple of users of the product here.

I'm hoping if someone could advise on the following aspects of the product:

Is installing the Bryton software for the device required? (I've heard the interface is clunky and besides I want to be able to do this in home and at office ), or can the ride datafiles be taken off the device similar to a USB drive ?

Regarding the Strava upload process, is it straight forward (ie direct from the datafiles) or does a conversion need to take place ? - Also will Strava upload include Cadence, HRM data ?

Also, the Bryton are ANT+ capable - has anyone tried to link to other non-Bryton HRMs / Speed+ Cadence units? (Most of my bikes have the Garmin GSC-10 speed cadence unit) 



Edit : this is the related thread I started a few days back on SydneyCyclist.


MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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