Just wondering anyone using one of these. Im thinking of getting one

Or is there something similar should look at


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Hi Peter

I've been using the 30/35 since Christmas.

Yes, you do have to install the Bryton software.  After it's installed, it updates itself, and the device, from the net.

The interface is indeed clunky, often a bit troublesome, slow, but it does work.  Don't let it put you off.  I have no idea how it compares with Garmin.

No, the datafiles cannot be manually extracted.

Yes, Strava upload is very easy.  First you need to export the data file in whatever file format you choose (I use GPX), but once you do that, interface with Strava is easy, and it always works.  Yes, Strava recognises all the data, inc Cad/HR, etc.

I believe it is ANT+, but I use the HR/sensors etc. that came with the unit, so I can't confirm.


software is needed. but its really just a driver file. the actual software is a website www.brytonsport.com

i havent tried to see if the files can be directly copied via windows explorer.

to add files to strava you upload to the bryton site. choose to save as a .tcx file somewhere on your pc. on strava you choose upload file from pc, and just select the file you saved. strava will include all data.

bryton is ant+. i use the garmin gsc10 speed/cadence sensor, as the bryton one can only be set to cadence OR speed, not both simultaneously. if you do stationary training this would be an issue. otherwise the bryton unit is very good.


i've been 100% happy with the performance of my unit for the 5mths ive had it.

i hope this helps.

Thanks for all the replies - it has been very useful to hear from the actual users of the product.

Simon - just curious, when you said issue with using Bryton with GSC-10 in a stationary setup (yes the bikes sometimes get hooked up to a stationary trainer or rollers)  would that mean the data will be effectively useless? or will only be useful if I use the GSC-10 as a speed but not cadence unit ?


i mustve worded that badly. i meant the gsc10 is perfect, and the bryton unit was the issue for stationary training, as it can only be a cadence sensor or a speed sensor(via a user selectable switch)

LOL - my fault Simon. I've re-read your line (slowly) and understand it now, that's a load off my mind!


I have had my Bryton 20 for just a week now and am very happy with it. Gary at Star Cycles sells them at a very good price. Not much over $100. Initially had to muck around to work out what all the menu buttons do, but then it's easy. I like the way it just automatically downloads your data just by plugging it into the USB. No need to touch any buttons on the keyboard, and no need to pick up your mouse. Its all automatic. Don't even need to turn on the Bryton device. Just plug it into the USB and the installed Bryton Bridge 2 software package 'sees' the Bryton 20 and does it all for you. At the same time its doing all this, it is also re-charging the battery.

it depends if you want all the training features (HR & cadence) or navigational features.

you can also use data loggers.

Even the hand-held navigational units as the geochchers use but you wont have the HR or Cadence data.

I have a bryton 20 the USB cable is not robust I have a free replacement coming.

I don't know if the issue has been resolved.

thats odd(usb cable) mine is a 30cm sturdy cable with a strong right angled mini-usb jack that plugs into the bryton unit. always possible to damage the conductor joints if bent too severely. but, as always, there can be dodgy units in a bunch.

The Bryton 20 cable is a different connection to the 30/50 units. There have been a few problems with these but free replacements are available if the need arises.

There is no wheel sensor for the Bryton.  It uses GPS...

It has a wheel magnet with the cadence sensor Lee. The cadence sensor can be used  as a speed sensor when using the bike on indoor trainer. Can't remember if it fits blade spokes though. I'll check tomorrow if no one else answers

Thanks for the info Gary.  I wasn't aware of that.


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