Those that use the Linear Park bicycle path west of Hackney Rd, will have noticed the bridge across the river has been blocked this past week for repairs.  Just to update you on the status, I spoke to the workmen there today and they said it will be blocked for at least another week.

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As we queued up to get through the chicane this morning I noticed that this maybe more than a temporary solution as the bases of the bollards are bolted to the bridge. Not that this is a cheap and ill thought out fix at all.


I am going to enquire to senior staff on Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council about the bridge - I just need to confirm which bridge we are discussing, and what the specific issues are.

I am presuming that we are discussing the wooden bridge about 100 metres EAST of the Hackney Rd underpass, that is at right angles from the shared path (Linear Park) on the Norwood Payneham & St Peters side (ie the southern side of the Torrens) and then veers up at a steep angle and incline on the Town of Walkerville side (northern side of Torrens).

Please advice if I have the wrong bridge in mind!

I don't know what, if any, juridstriction my Council has over this piece of infrastructure.

What do people specifically want to know?

I guess most people want to know what the bollards are actually for.

Are they a temporary "slow point"  pending re-design of the bridge?

I was thinking maybe they were a water depth indicator. i.e. if you can't see the bollards, don't cross the bridge :)

Seriously, they may be a response to pedestrians complaints  regarding cyclists on the bridge. I think because of the awkward angles of approach and slippery nature of the surface cyclists could find difficulty in trying to negotiate the bridge AND deal with pedestrians crossing (not to mention the usual array of wandering dogs). I know I've had a few "moments".

Hi Jeff, and everyone else in this discussion

I have now contacted the relevent staff at Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council, and they are looking into the matter on my behalf (which is on behalf of all the users of the bridge).

I will pass on to this forum any information that the NPSP staff give to me regarding this bridge and its maintenance. By extension, I expect that this information will be relevant to all the shared path bridges between the boundary of City of NPSP and Town of Walkerville.

Thanks Sophia. I'm sure I'm not alone in looking forward to seeing the outcome of your enquiry.

Ultimately the bridge should be made safe through replacement, not one "ummm, what could be do here?" stop gap fix applied after another. 

Yes, that's the bridge.,138.614377&z=21&t=k&a...

The big question, when is that travesty of a bridge going to be replaced with a proper safe bridge?

Oh, and could someone tell me how to post up a nearmap image?

Sophia, questions include what is the current gradient of the bridge, and what is the recommended maximum gradient for safety (especially where bridge can be wet from flooding, and doubly slippery from wet leaves). I would not be surprised if the bridge does not meet guidelines. If so, then the long term solution might be a longer bridge that starts further up the bank, and therefore less gradient.

Sophia, thought of other questions. It is a shared path and bridge. Is there any possibility of a stroller with strapped-in child going off the steep slippery bridge and into the water? Is there enough room between the bolted on cones for a double stroller? Double strollers are common enough. Is there enough room for a cargo bike carrying children, or a child trailer attached to bike? Is there enough room for an adult tricycle for someone with a disability? The ACC will probably purchase and hire out an adult trike, and the linear park is an obvious route from the node of Bicycle SA office.

Hi everyone

NPSP Council staff member spoke to me by phone this afternoon, after he went down to inspect the bridge personally.

All the current work to the bridge appears to have been done by Town of Walkerville. Our staff will be following this up on Thursday, and will keep me informed, and I shall pass the information along to this forum.

I am more than happy to take questions and do what I can to enable a good outcome for all stakeholders. (That's official gov't talk, but believe me, I am quite serious, as those of you who know me are aware!)

Have a good ANZAC day everyone - get to a service if you can, it's really important to remember that people were killed, and continual to be killed, for political reasons. And that we CAN make changes.

Went through there are 7:40 this evening and noticed that someone had stacked up all the bollards and near the end of the bridge,off the path. :) nice work :)

Although in a previous post I expressed a belief that the bollards maybe there for some time (as they were bolted in) to slow cyclists down on the bridge - i now reckon the bollards had nothing to do with fixing the bridge but were actually just a part of the OHS for the workmen who were working on the North side of the river. They had cones out East and West of them on the track around their ute and would i assume they also needed cones to "protect" another access route. Now that the work is finished all the cones have gone


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