BLACK CAVIAR…WORLD RECORD CHAMPION 20/20 >> Gawler Wheelers Group Ride Report: Saturday 28th April 2012.

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No. of Riders : 47



Ride Summary


All the talk prior to today’s GW ride was about Black Caviar! The world’s best sprinter was in Adelaide today chasing her world record 20th consecutive victory. Did you see the race? What a fantastic win in front of a sell-out crowd!


We got to the track a little earlier today to farewell some of the Gawler Wheeler regulars who this weekend are riding the 290 kms to Port Elliott and back. They are Juz, Pete, Michael, Dave and Andrew. We received progress reports during the day and are pleased to advise that they made it safely to Port Elliott at 1.47pm. A big 140 km ride today with Juz texting on arrival “.. about to go hunt food…..want fooooooooood!” Well done today crew and safe riding back tomorrow!


During the ride brief, following the overwhelming success and positive feedback last week of THE WHISTLE concept, Wilson expanded the initiative and presented two new whistles to yours truly and TEC Mick. The concept is all about enhancing the GW experience during our re-groups. We also welcomed newbie Craig, aka “CJ”, along for his first GW ride.


On a very crisp morning the other 47 riders left the starting gates for the scheduled 60km ride which took us down the Stuart O’Grady Bikeway. Whilst it was a little cool there was no wind and no rain so we knew that it would be a great ride. The first 23km leg along the SOB was a blast, and inspired by Black Caviar, was a flat out sprint for most riders at speeds of 30 – 40 kms. However unlike Black Caviar we needed a well-deserved re-group at the end of this leg.


On the SOB if you escape the wind on the down track you normally cop it on the way back. That was not the case today….yippee! All the way back to Jaspers Café the conditions remained perfect with no wind and the sun caressing us as we zoomed along. It was great to see many sub-groups form and riders helping each other along. Many PBs were recorded this morning with many average speeds of over 30kms for the 60 km ride. WELL DONE everyone…another brilliant GW ride just like Black Caviar's!


NEXT WEEK: We will be holding two concurrent rides. One is on a brand new undulating route through the Barossa Valley over a mammoth 105 kms. The other ride will also take us through the Barossa on a shorter 60km route. YOU are welcome to attend….just pick the ride that suits you best! Full details will be posted on AC Events soon! Today’s photo gallery follows:


Pete and Dave prepare for the Port Elliott ride. Jane drove the support vehicle.

Prolific AC Blogger Steven Ellison getting ready to ride with us today

….and here is what Steven said after the ride

John showing off his new road bike

Dale….what is a “Lukey”?

Newbie Craig ready for his first GW ride

Today’s young GW brigade Jonah (L) and Carmen

Andrew, Pete, Michael and Dave leave for Port Elliott. Where's Juz?

Is that Lyndelle showing us how she would ride Black Caviar? Not bad!

Horses everywhere! Tour of Spain 2001

Arriving at the start of the SOB


Start of the SOB. Blow the whistle, we are ready to go!


However, Lyndelle rides a bike better than a horse!

Caroline, with hubby Chris a respectable distance behind.

Dale (R) explaining to Gareth that he has a mechanical problem

How many people does it take to fix a loose bottle cage?

Black Caviar’s cousin at the Tour of Spain Stage 12

Carl and Corey enjoying the ride in perfect conditions

Wilson at Jaspers distributing the GW Team Kit

Part of today’s fantastic GW crowd post-ride

Wattsy and his beautiful daughter Bethany dropped in to say hi

Finally…Black Caviar racing to the finishing post. CHAMPION



Gawler Wheelers is all about comradeship, fun, fitness and chasing our dreams. Join the GW group on AC. Come on our rides. Contact details below. Until next week >> Cheers for now...Frank.

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Wow a day at "the races" huh? Good to see so many of my GW family improving so much each do you train in the weekdays, is it a secret? Well, im back from my "road trip" over to NE Victoria(dandenong/yarra valley), unfortunately i got to ride 0.00kms but sat in a car for over 20hrs. Will see you guys in a fortnights time, got a 2 day ride up to clare this sat/sun...hmmm might see you'se on the way up prehaps? Until then stay safe.

I've just looked closely and Barry is in the photos :-)

The pic of newbie Craig has Barry getting his bike ready beside his car in the background, and the group photo at Jaspers, Barry is sitting closest to the door into the restaurant - he has his hand up, shading his eyes. I'm stoked to see Barry out again but sad to have missed riding with him - it feels like it's been ages!

Excellent ride report, as always, Frank.  Everyone who has previous commented about the reports being a wonderful way to experience the Gawler Wheelers rides when you haven't managed to attend, are completely correct!  I'm so pleased to read about everyone's ride and see all the photos - I almost feel like I could have been there.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all when I'm out again next. Not sure what next weekend's movements are for me yet - I'm set to ride up to Clare but my face kinda hurts a bit.

@ Juz and Dave. Yes Barry did make it out. He has been a bit crook and this was his first ride for a while......he rode really was great to have him back. Seeing you missed him so much here is a photo of him on Sat saying...."feeling better but don't think I will be going as fast as Black Caviar". I do have another photo of him half naked...not sure whether I should post that one???


Hey its Barry! Im pleased to see you are feeling better Barry, good on ya mate.

No worries. I hoping to do a 200km audax ride from Nairne this Saturday so u probably won't see me this week. But I'll definitely b back in the near future

Sorry Frank, missed the Q. I have been to a place on the Tweed River called Tumbulgum! Nth Coast NSW. My Wife's Sister's Wedding in Byron Bay. As usual it rained every day. Give me Adelaide weather any day!!!!

Was a fantastic day to rejoin GW after a couple of weeks off with the the worst MANFLU ever :-)  Really cleared my chest out and did much better than expected with avg of 29.8K on outward leg. Especially after I told Mick I would struggle to keep up, before the ride. Forgot how much I missed the comradeship of GW, a real testament to the work of Frank and Mark and all the good people of Gawler Wheelers.

I was thinking of putting a bet of a Billion dollars on Black Caviar for a win last week. How much would I have won !!!

Speaking of great rides, was speaking to Keith after ride and he said after dropping his wife off to work near the city on Anzac day, he went for a little jaunt up to Mt Lofty, then felt so good went over to corkscrew and went down, then up it and then for good measure up Ansteys !!, a total of 91K.

If we remember where we were a year or so ago, would not have even thought of it !!! A further direct testament to work and encouragement of Frank, Mark and all the good people of Gawler Wheelers.

Who do you think would win the "most improved" trophy for Gawler Wheelers (donated by Black Caviar ). Keith, Juz, Lee, Caroline, Carmine  Dave......... etc etc. Would be impossible I think, like beating Black Caviar !!

g'day Barry.. it was infact you that i helped along the way.. hope you're feeling a little better now and got the flemmyness out of your chest ..

I think Juz gets "The Most Improved" & "Most Determined" trophies. You get "Best & Fairest" Baz.

Have just noticed all the good wishes, thankyou all !!!

For all those who have been is the latest Black Caviar news update:

Whoa, boy! Thats crazy! I wonder what the odds are that Crows win and Black Caviar win on the same day? 4:1? 1:1? :P


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