BikeSA launch BikeSTART - getting new cyclist going in Adelaide

Just launched today is a new iniative from BikeSA and the Adelaide City Council to get people who are new to cycling started. I'm not sure what's 'inside the box' because I am already a cyclists. Maybe you know someone who isn't yet but would like to be to give it a go and report back.

From the site:


BikeSTART is a free, easy and fun online tool that finds your starting point for cycling and provides you with solutions. The power of this tool is that it quickly establishes your needs and barriers, and provides sensible guidance on what to do about them. It only takes 10 minutes!

Users are guided through a series of questions, challenges, and self rating opportunities on aspects of cycling that are often perceived as barriers. These topics include bike handling skills, riding on the road, choosing safer routes, assessing your level of cycling awareness, equipment needs and road rules for cyclists.


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