I did this course at Hamilton a few years ago. Excellent value, in depth, very good tutor, good facilities.  I think it was something like 18 evenings x 3 hours, so its a commitment, but well worth it:


If you're interested contact David Knight:




This is the email David sent:


Hi All

The Bicycle Mechanics courses will be offered in Semester 1 and 2 this
year on Tuesday evenings from 6-9.00 pm. The Semester 1 course starts on
Tuesday 15th Feb for 18 weeks.

The College is funded for Adult Education as normal to the end of 2011,
so business as usual this year. It is unclear how the new funding model
will affect us in 2012.

This year is likely to be the last opportunity to complete the Bike
Mechanics course. If you know of people interested in the course they
need to contact the Adult Campus and book their spot.

David Knight

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If I wasn't already committed to study this year I'd jump at the chance to do something like this. Does anyone know if there are any similar courses run in or near the city that will be running next year?

Luke - Bicycle SA does an Advanced Bike Maintenance Course run on 3 Sundays - they have spots left for the Feb course this year?  Check the website.  www.bikesa.asn.au


Nothing as in depth or anywhere near as good value as the Hamilton one, in my opinion.

Thanks for posting this.  I enrolled in the course last night.


Oh good.  Hope you enjoy it. Its hard work, but well worth it.


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