peat of the purpose of the community bike workshop is to unable people to get the knowledge to maintain their bikes.

Having run a "tires and tubes" course and a "gears and chains" course.

I have tried to keep the coursed more hands on and reasonably short ( this prevents peoples brains becoming full to overflowing)

For those who prefer a more academic learning style there are plenty of books.

While these courses won't make you into a bike mechanic that can fix every problem they will reduce you chances of being stranded and if you do have to go to a bike mechanic  you can tell them more accurately what the problem is.

Would a course on basic brakes be useful?

Are there other topics people thing would be good to run a course on?

I am not prepared to run a course on wheel truing.

This can be involved I am happy to show people this in a one on one as needed basis and the community bike workshop has the facilities to do this.

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A gears and chains course would be awesome.

I'm more than confident building/maintaining by "fixie" but I'm intimidated at the idea of setting up the Ultegra groupset I just bought. All the talk of limiting screws and barrel adjustment has me blindsided.

A basic course on setting a bike up would be cool too. ie Basic bike-fit, how to set up the saddle / seatpost and the cockpit, etc.

Bike fit would be interesting but how would you tell people.

Sorry you got sold something that just wont work?

I have had several experiences at the bike workshop were people have acquired a bike that is suitable for someone at least 400 mm taller than them but they insist that they want to ride and restore it.

Perhaps they have a higher pain threshold than me :-)

If they have gone to a reputable bike shop they should have got the 5-10 minute bike fit included otherwise how would they know what size bike to sell them?

Unfortunately it seem many bikes are sold without even adjusting the seat hight properly.

Why people tolerate such poor service I don't know or do they just shop via the Internet?

If they have a K-mart or other sub $100 bought in a box bike how do you tell them that they probably have a bike that is only good as a garden ornament (no you can't even use them for spare parts)?

For basic bike fit ask Google

If you want assistance setting up the gears the community bike workshop is open Saturday mornings.

Do the gears fit the frame?


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