Bike lane termination at new Rundle Rd/East Tce intersection

Does anyone have an idea of the line marking plans the new intersection at Rundle Rd/East Tce? It looks to me like the bike lane (as usual) will terminate abruptly before the intersection. This is quite a busy intersection in the mornings and this is an obvious accident waiting to happen.

It does look like there is an off ramp, but that seems like it is for a left turn or to shuttle all the pesky bikes in with all the other not-car objects.

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Daniel, a pedestrian tunnel near a railway station uses far less space (width, height and entrance) than a tunnel for vehicles or buses. The Netherlands, and more recently NZ, have installed cyclist underpasses.

Fair enough! I think tunnels in areas like that are a great idea. I wouldn’t want to be riding in tunnels all the time though.

Now what was never bike lanes, now is.  I will rely on the "impracticable" exemption.  


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