Does anyone have a bike bag they would be willing to hire or lend?  I'm travelling interstate from 28th Sept to 5th Oct and want to take my bike with me but don't really want to go out and buy one right now.  Very careful about looking after my bike and would do the same with a bag.

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Hi Steve. I have a good quality "Gieppe" soft bag which I use every time I travel, which you are welcome to. I also have a couple of wheel bags as well. If you don't get any better offer , you are welcome to borrow them for the weekend. Derek.
Derek, you're a champion! I would love to borrow your bag. I'll be in touch soon.
It's a pleasure Steve. My Mobile is 0419 5 11 111. Give me a call and we can arrange a time, etc.
If all else fails, you can simply buy a bike box from the airport. QANTAS sell them - $17 each I think and I'm pretty sure you don't need to be a customer (if they ask, just say you're flying out tomorrow :P). Pretty big boxes, you can easily fit a downhill rig in one. Just wrap some old towels around your frame/gear to protect it from getting knocked around.

OR - ask your local bike shop for a box. They've usually got a few lying around. A lot smaller though - which can be a good thing as it stops your bike from rattling around. Also ask for the fork spacers, disc rotor and derailleur protector if they've got them in.
Hi Steve,

Looks like Derek has beaten me to it but I've got a Bike Pro USA Race Case that will carry two bikes sitting in the shed. Unfortunately I bought it before I realised I should be riding extra large framed bikes and it doesn't fit any of my current frames.

As soon as I get some time I'll clean it up and offer it for hire or sale. If anyone is interested please let me know and I'll make it a priority to evict the spiders.

Also... if you are flying Virgin, they offer an extra 10kg baggage free if you are taking sporting equipment.... they also sell bike boxes for around the $15 mark I am lead to believe.

Steve, I realise this is an old thread but did you end up borrowing any of the bike bags offered? Im in the same position in that I have to travel interstate for 3 weeks of work and cant bear the thought of not riding for the duration.

Steve....a focus box is excellent....used a box from Bike Station and the bike survived well on the plane to even has recesses for the money either :) I left the one I had in Melbourne and rode the bike back from Melbs :)

Mate, we took ours to Tassie in two cartons from LBS, even came complete with padding from the new bikes they'd just taken out of them. Two bikes delivered on four different flights, perfectly safe. Will be doing the same next time. Carton was big enough to even fit in front wheel in wheel bag, track pump, various tools, helmets, shoes....

I don't use bike bags cos they throw em around like other bags. Bike boxes are free and WAY better for safety. Ive travelled around the globe on about 15 flights a year average in the last decade and only ever broke a RD hanger. Thats it. Cost me 20$ to replace.

Have a box from bike box Allen on its way. Very nice and sturdy box that can be customized to needs.pretty good price considering what some of these cost


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