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Has there ever been a determined effort to get rid of the need to press the "beg button" at intersections, at least along bikeways?

It's pretty frustrating to come up to an intersection, where the lights are green for traffic on the road, but red for bicycles (and pedestrians) on the shared path. What should be the case, at most intersections anyway, is that when the traffic light turns green, it should be assumed that the "beg button" has been pressed and it automatically goes green for cyclists and pedestrians. If a car arrives at an intersection with a green light, it can drive through. A cyclist on the bike path in the same situation, has to press the "beg button" and wait for the traffic lights to cycle around again. Of course, what this means is many cyclists don't comply and ride through anyway, which defeats the purpose of having crossing lights in the first place.

Two particularly frustrating intersections on my commute are the cemetery entrance on West Terrace (which is very hard to ride through legally) and the lights under the Emerson Overpass (Cross Road / South Road / Seaford railway line intersection). But I'm sure there are dozens around Adelaide. So I could write (I guess to ACC for West Terrace and DPTI for Emerson overpass), but I'm wondering if some sort of general push from someone (BISA?) might also be a good idea, perhaps with a wish list of intersections.

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I frequently use both (Frome St / Old RAH, and West Terrace Cemetery entrance), and while I appreciate anything Ian mentions to ACC, I feel that the West Terrace Cemetery entrance is definitely the worse of the two. I haven't timed it, but I think that compared to West Terrace Cemetery, it's green for longer and the cycle is shorter. The cemetery one is so bad (only green 21% of the time by my timing) that there's close to 0% compliance. i.e. pretty well everyone (bike or pedestrian) sees it's clear and rides/walks through red anyway.

Ok, il'll admit to being one of those cyclists that do illegal things. Those lights along Frome, the one at the zoo I stop because I'm still on the street and if that's red it's for pedestrians crossing, all the next one's unitl I cross to the Uni just before the slight uphill at Nth Tce, I ignore unless there is actual traffic coming in or out of those sides. Btw, the one at Victoria drive, does one have to stop there, the position of the light pole and the bike lane makes me think not? Crossing over Frome, the last ligt before Nth Tce almost takes longer than it does me to get there from home.

At Victoria Drive you're using the footpath, not the road, and there are no traffic control signals for pedestrians. So there's no need to stop. At least that's my interpretation.

Coming out of the CBD earlier a motorcycle cop pulled up beside me at the Victoria Dr red traffic light, so I asked. He confirmed that coming from the zoo, if riding in the bike lane, we don't have to stop for the red light.

Mark, there isn't much foot traffic along that stretch of road. Once in a while there might be a pedestrian with earphones in that somehow almost makes it under your wheels. Nothing major.

Until mid last year it used to be very busy with foot traffic - Uni students milling around the med school & people hanging around the dental school entrance smoking before their appointments etc. Now that's all moved over to Nth Terrace, so I expect that the only time there will be big crowds along there for the next couple of years is WOMAD & whenever a large school group walks down to the zoo from the tram.

There might be some foot traffic from the new school down there. Assuming they walk up the road to get public transport.

It's not a long walk from North Terrace, but it might be too far for many parents. Adelaide High has good bus connections right outside its doors from all over Adelaide, this new school has one, infrequent bus going past it. I think its fairly predictable even now that when it opens, the zoo stretch of Frome Road will become a gigantic school drop-off / pick-up zone.

I've always wondered about those two little side roads that went into the old IMVS car parks off Frome Road - are they considered private roads (they lack street names) & if so, how are road rules (ie pedestrians crossing on red lights) enforced on a private road?

Now that most of those buildings are vacant, is the foot traffic along Frome a bit easier to negotiate?

Yes the uphill cycle path is clearer than it used to be.  Mind you there are no university students currently.  Or school students !

With an election coming up surely there is an opportunity for a politician in need of a policy to promise to tackle deficiencies in Adelaide traffic lights, not only for bicycles, but other vehicles at all. I mean if we have the technology for driverless cars, surely traffic lights can be a little more intelligent, whether it is ensuring bicycles and pedestrians can get green lights on shared paths whenever the cars on the road do, to not having people waiting at red lights (be that pedestrian, cyclist or motorist) when there is no traffic in site on the road with the green light.

David, about six yrs ago I was working for a council in Qld when another bureaucrat from the sunshine council came to talk about something new. We didn't go along with his idea, evolved into ASCA, Australia Smart Cities Association. Since then ASCA has grown up, built global alliances and has attracted interest from around Australia, including Adelaide councils. Smart cities is all about what you're talking about. However, from where I'm watching things, in Australia and especially Adelaide, it's more talk than actions. Sunshine coast is steaming ahead, some other councils are doing great things, ACC has announced and is starting to build the 10gb city, but while cities in Europe are building cycle infrastructure that tells cyclists to speed up or slow down to make to or through the next green light, ACC and Australia continue to use beg buttons.

There was a "leadership" debate tonight about the elections, but no one is talking about traffic, let alone bicycles or beg buttons. All they are interested in is doing deals, or not, to keep or get power. Power, to eventually continue along the same path.


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