Let's take our bikes to Turkey in 2015 an ride to Gallipolli for the 100th anniversary of the the ANZAC landing!

What do people think?

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Get your work to sponsor us for the trip, lucky hat draw

Could not agree with you more Patrick.

 It is slowly becoming  ' the thing to do'.   I believe those that have a true meaning to visit to pay their respects or just 'remember' are those who visit when it is NOT ANZAC Day. And dont lets think of the bloody Politicians who turn up. Veterans pensions have risen by 30% in the past 10 years and Politicians pensions have risen by 90%. That is how much respect those parasites have for remembering Veterans.

Not for me mate my Grandfather fought in Gallipolli. The plan would be to get there the day before. I plan to leave a photo of my Grandfather there and say a quiet thanks!

No offence taken mate as some do go for the wrong reason.

None taken Mark.  I hope you live your dream and have a great trip.

Have you seen how they drive in Istanbul?

It is out of my price range.

What are the roads and traffic like in Turkey?


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