any websites to check out gradients on Hill on South Australian Roads

Can anyone recommend a website to check out the gradients ?

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Replies to This Discussion you may need to make account to view what members see but in the explore feature move the map around till you see the hill you want to know about then go to that strava section to view the details.

The section begin and end details are entered by fellow cyclists and the climb length, altitude and gradient then come from a world wide data base accessed by the site.

Here's an example ..  Willunga Hill 

mouse over the green gradient line to see the grade at any point on the map above.

btw, looks like making an account is worthwhile  non members cant see much.

Thanks Perfect just what my domestique and I were looking for

Do you want average or max gradient or both? Tell us which climbs and we can get a few peoples results and look at varitions in readings.

i am after a website that gives to gradient before it is attempted ... Not one connected or associated with a computer thanks

Just ask other people if they have ridden it and had to get off to walk up. If you are worrying about the exact gradient of a climb, perhaps try something that you know a few times, then venture out to others.

A 12% grade might go for 20 metres but give you no idea about the whole climb eg the old freeway has "down" bits but also some nasty pinches, too! Something that is average 7% might be rolling or might be steep at the bottom and flatten out.

This is what you need Kathryn.. plot your course then expand the gradient window at the bottom

there are significant limitations with online mapping websites, particularly with steep terrain adjacent to the road.

I have posted some information at the topic Jeez that's steepl

Martin ,,, we just want to be nosey and tick it off a list of ...well well i can do that after all :-)))

I use "Run Saturday" (link here).  An advantage of this beast is that one can enter "freehand" (point-to-point) routes or segments to override the preset map planning.

See also this discussion:Jeez that's steep

Have to wonder about some of the gradients on Strava, it shows Rundle St at 11.2% and a stretch of Anzac Hwy at 15.4%!

Perhaps roads with actual climbs might be more acurate


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