A man has been arrested after his car hit a cyclist at Wingfield this morning leaving a man in a critical condition.

Just before 11am on Tuesday 31 October, police and emergency services were called to South Road at Wingfield after reports a car had collided with a cyclist.

The cyclist, a 51-year-old man from NSW has been rushed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a critical condition with head injuries.

Major Crash Investigators attended the scene, arresting the driver of the car, a 40-year-old man from Salisbury North.  He has been charged with cause injury by dangerous driving and driving while disqualified.

The arrested man has been refused police bail and will appear in the Port Adelaide Magistrates court tomorrow.

South Road traffic was reduced to one lane until midday when the roads were reopened.

Anyone with information on the crash is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

How many disqualified drivers are out there ?  I hope the cyclist recovers but this doesn't sound good.  

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>How many disqualified drivers are out there?

I imagine there are a lot. A cursory glance at shows that there are all sorts of reasons for disqualification - not paying fines, being convicted of a graffiti related offence (WTF?). The site mentions that you will be served by mail - I wonder if this means that some people aren't even aware they've been disqualified? It seems that disqualified doesn't necessarily equate to unsafe and reckless.

But in this case it seems that unsafe and reckless is an understatement - to be refused bail also seems to indicate that there are aggravating circumstances. I wish the injured person the best but critical head injuries is never a good sign.

may as well many un-registered cars are on the road?  

I'm guessing both run into high qtys..

This wasn't South Road, but the road underneath the motorway, called Rosberg Road. I'm not sure if cyclists are even allowed on the South Road motorway, but Rosberg Road has a wide bicycle lane with no parking, so is designed to be cycle friendly.

How many un-registered cars are on the road?

26,000 drivers are caught each year. 2011 stats.

Some links to info below, but no one would know how many disqualified drivers continue to drive. Keeping all disqualified drivers off the road would be onerous. Impound a vehicle but how to store many vehicles for months? Impound a vehicle and deprive the rest of the family from car transport?

Disqualification reasons at

This link indicates
Number of licence holders is up to 1,238,907
(The sum of licence types will not equal the number of licence holders because a driver can have a learner's permit for another class of vehicle in addition to the class on their licence.)
Licence holder disqualifications started in the last 12 months = 16,734
Elected Good Behaviour Option + Elected Safer Driver Agreement = 7,120
Good Behaviour Option breach + Safer Driver Agreement breach = 1,692

"Keeping all disqualified drivers off the road would be onerous."

It'd be interesting to know how seriously police treat disqualified drivers, in terms of follow-up. I know that for certain types of non-driving offences, you can be subject to a random "spot check" - police drop in on your house just to check what you're up to. I'd hope something like this is done, at least for those disqualified for the more serious offences.

A more high-tech (and probably more expensive) option would be if automatic rego detection systems could be expanded to detect cars associated with people with DQ'd licenses.

Over 16,000 disqualified drivers. Not straight forward. Can vehicles be electronically tagged, without the tag being removed unofficially? Police would get distracting 'false' positives when car driven by family members. There would be uproar re civil liberties. In the meantime, the disqualified driver could use a cheap non-roadworthy car to get around.

No tag is required. These systems read the number plate and alert the police if the car is unregistered. So if this database also linked to cars associated with a DQ'd driver, cops could pull the car over and check who's driving. If the driver is someone else, they're on their way again less than a minute.

I bet 99% of DQ'd drivers use their own car, rather than going to the trouble of acquiring or borrowing another one.

I have been pulled over in exactly that fashion - my wife is Japanese and our previous car was in her name, she had an international drivers license. As far as the cops were concerned the owner was unlicensed so they pulled me over. Didn't take long to sort out.

I did mean a cheap old bomb.

So SAPOL is using ANPR detection for disqualified drivers. Unfortunately two slipped through the net in a month to cause serious crashes.

Just impound and destroy the vehicles and ban the delinquent drivers permanently! Problem solved!

I hope this cyclist recovers but it sounds pretty awful. However, people always express heartfelt sympathy but then nothing changes. I know it is not the fault of police as controlling motorists who endanger cyclists is not easy. It comes down to the fact that some people just don't seem to have any concern for or understanding of the vulnerability of cyclists.

I never thought I'd say it but recently I've begun to question whether it is too dangerous to ride on the road. Obviously a disqualified driver shouldn't be on the road but I don't think they represent all of the motorists who just have no clue.

On Monday I was riding on Grand Junction Road past the prison when a Semi trailer tanker came up and passed so closely I could have touched the trailer and that is in a 70 k zone which should be 1.5 metres minimum. I was riding by myself until a bunch of traffic came from behind and a car in the right lane appeared to not let him change lanes or veer around. The tanker driver obviously never thought of slowing down until there was a gap and just went for it.

I could see it coming in the mirror and at least I was forewarned to the extent that I knew to just grit my teeth and keep a straight course but it was horrible. Apart from the shock of the close pass, I felt sick that some drivers just don't give a damn. Sometimes I wonder if some drivers enjoy terrifying cyclists, (you know passing closely and dropping a gear to make the turbo slam as they pass or similiar).

This was the first time in years that I went out without the camera because it wasn't charged. Never again. I would definitely have reported this one.

What amazed me was the notion that if you are going to get close to something, surely it is better to risk hitting a car than a cyclist? Apparently not.

I don't know what to do. I'm not soft, I ride in heavy traffic and am not bothered by normal close passes under 1 metre but there just seem to be too many really dangerous passes recently. I know we have to avoid stupidly dangerous roads but I do need to use normal roads to get places.

Fed up


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