On the subject of further funding, has anyone seen any more than this:


Seems the Amy Gillett bikeway extension is going to happen after all.

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I hear that Michelle from Mishmash cycling Birwood, who is also a rail trail member was instrumental in 'shaming"/"pressuring" Minister Conlon into agreeing to the extension.

Funding has been granted to complete Stage three of the Amy Gillett Bikeway from Charleston to Mt Torrens. Work should start later this year. Please join Adelaide Hills Rail Trail inc to support the completion of this bikeway to Mt Pleasant at www.adelaidehillsrailtrail.org.au  or email info@adelaidehillsrailtrail.org.au for a membership form to be emailed out. The web page is currently under reconstruction. The more members we have, the more power we have to pressure the government into completing this worthy project. There are quite a few of us out there writing letters and emails and talking to people. Not just me Jules, but thank you.


Does this mean that an entrepreneur would be investigating starting a coffee shop in Mt Torrens?

Great idea!

A better priority would be to extend the bike path to Bridgewater. Once Bridgewater is linked, the bike path can be easily accessed using back streets (if need be) from Aldgate, Stirling and Crafers. This would make the bike path accessible to a much larger population. Then improve accessibility from the CBD to the bottom of the SE freeway and riding would be much safer all the way from the city right out to Woodside and beyond. 2020+?

That said, I have no idea how practical it would be to join the bike path from Balhannah to Bridgewater due to the availability of land. 

I rode the path out to Charleston recently and arrived at a side street busy with B double quarry trucks. Right..... think I'll turn around now. Yawn.

Looks like just the easy segments for the bike path have been identified and constructed. 

BTW, signage is needed for the path in Woodside; it's hidden out the back. I'll dig the hole, supply the post and Tek screws. I just need the sign.

A rail trail is a special species of trail: gradient, easement, government ownership and earthworks all contribute to a trail's success. I can't see a bike trail being constructed along the main line to Bridgewater, the operators would raise all sorts of safety issues. So it's a nice dream but will probably remain a dream. Anywhere else a bike trail could run would cost far too much for the government to consider. Be glad there are already many back roads, all you need is a good map.

Any type of trail will do; once you've joined the existing bike trail to Bridgewater then you've made it accessible to the population of Bridgewater, Aldgate, Heathfield, Mylor, Stirling and Crafers. 

Germantown Hill anyone?  NO THANK YOU; it's a horrible ride.

I think what Jilden is alluding to , is that there is no readily available corridor, short of putting something beside the existing railine from Mt Lofty Station to Balhannah. 

I hear you. If you are climbing Germantown Hill use Silver Rd instead. It's dirt and has a stile in the middle, but at least is off the main road.

Also on my UBD there's a walking track (part of the Heysen Trail, spur to Hahndorf) from Bridgewater via Waters Rd and Ambulance Rd to Beaumont Rd at Verdun, it's also marked as a bike trail, might be worth investigating. Could be upgraded?


Yeh I live near Waters Rd. The access from there to Ambulance Rd is clumsy and not the sort of access to be relied upon; I choose Gum Flat Rd instead. I've often wondered whether a bike lane could extend from Oakbank down to Verdun, up to Ambulance Rd, a bridge over the Adl to Melb train line, use Waters Rd as is, and then a bike lane to Bridgewater along Carey Gully Rd. 

Problems include -

1. Lack of room in places on the side of Onkaparinga Rd

2. Trucks along Onkaparinga Rd.

3. Did I mention trucks? trucks trucks trucks... trucks

4. Crossing over the railway line

5. Retaining the remnant bush in the easement between Ambulance Rd and Waters Rd

6. There's no room on the side of Carey Gully Rd to the freeway overpass. 

It's just such a pity to see the bike path extending away from areas of high population, to areas of very, very small population; and in times of an increasing obesity problem.

Shane, the Amy Gillett Rail Trail is under the control of Transport. You can email a request for signs and where to DPTI.EnquiriesAdministrator@sa.gov.au

Thanks Heather. In the past talking to DPTI has been like talking to DENWR and talking to NRM.

Their motto: Shut up and p!ss off. I know better now; don't bother discussing anything with any government body and don't bother voting for anyone at any level. They all just waste time and money.


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