Ambulance Officers and Bike Helmet Standards Stickers

In a recent discussion on this forum someone stated that if a cyclist was in an accident the ambulance officers would check the cyclists helmet for a compliance sticker and if it didn't have one report this and the cyclist would be denied any insurance payout.


This seemed unreasonable to me so I emailed the SA Ambulance service.  The text of their reply is below.


"Thank you for your enquiry. Ambulance officers would not record if a cyclist helmet has Australian Standards sticker because if a cyclist had an accident they would just take of the helmet and attend to the patient. If you would like any further information please contact Motor Accident Commission on 82216377."


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Good to know when Australian Standards have changed.
I think it's pathetic and arrogant for the authority not to recognise international standards eg UK, US or Europe
I just checked my specialized helmet.. it has a fancy silver sticker "australian standard, do not remove" hope it means something good..
AS have changed and helmets improved. When did you buy your helmet?
January 2010..

In Theory the standards/stickers changed but that doesn't mean hemets did. The same helmet could have passed the 'new tests'

The meat of the new rules to me meant the instructions include "helmet strap is a choking hazard. Do not play wearing helmet"

Ole helmets are still fine to ride in. It's the retailers who aren't allowed to sell old sticker stock after the advised date.... So they'll just raise the price of the new sticker ones.


Yep Barron, too bad the rest of the world rides in unsafe helmets. When will they learn?

I think there is a little more to the new standards. They include a requirement that the "straps which hold a helmet on a cyclist’s head must stretch sufficiently to let the helmet come off in an accident." I'm not entirely sure what that means exactly. A second requirement is that the material they are made from softer cushioning than before. Until now, helmets have been quite solid with very little by way of force absorption.

The standards came into force in December last year but as I understand it retailers have a six month grace period before they can no longer sell the older stock. However, you can continue to ride with the old versions as I understand it.

Check out the link


Yes the mandatory standard changed in December 2010

As far as I am aware, this was to do with extra stickers saying not for motorcycle use, and the physical attachment of the owners manual

I have a friend of mind who has done several big organised mtb races and they have never asked to check the helmet for an Aus standards sticker, can't comment on road racers.

The ambulance service would not have the time nor care about a sticker and I would find it even more difficult to believe they are looking out for the interests of insurance companies?

I do however appreciate we don't want cheap inferior knock off helmets, and I suppose putting an Aus Approved sticker goes some way to stopping this but I also find the blatant profiteering of locally available helmet prices rude and all made in the same factories overseas. (not blaming shops as I believe it's distributors)

The Aus Standards I believe have changed as of late last year I think, not 100% but I believe the change had something to do with the chin strap positioning?

Its ironic we are talking about helmet standards and yet if I see another article about dropping the mandatory helmet law.. Iam going to scream.
Zuzana, I know what you mean.


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