This Sunday being the last RLC I have to ask the question.

But first, what a magnificent route, well organised ride and such an excellent start to the TDU week. Massive kudos to the organisers, they've run something special for ten years, raised a lot of money and contributed in a positive way to the Adelaide cycling community. And knowing how things get organised its probably been a relatively few people stringing it together with a lot of personal volunteer hours with little thanks and acknowledgement.

Okay, but what now?

As I've mentioned, the time of the ride is perfect. I always thought it provided an option for interstate cyclists to take part in another ride and thought it acted as another draw card for the week.

Does anyone know if there is any thought by anyone to continue the fine precedence laid down?

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Public cycling events will always come and go, but the market in Adelaide is much more mature now (especially the TDU week market) than when RLC started. A 'ride into the hills and back' event just isn't enough now (even if it's a very well organised ride into the hills and back) and it needs an x-factor to make people pick that one rather than another one. 

I think the organisers have seen the writing on the wall and have picked the right time to gracefully bow out rather than change up the format to keep it viable.

It's interesting that you suggest it was a drawcard for interstate people, not a single interstate person I've talked to during TDU week over the years has done it. Lots of them have done the Bupa Challenge or CyclingTips rides over the years, because those events have a more accessible profile outside Adelaide.

I've also thought for a while that the charity ride market in Adelaide got to the point of being oversaturated a few years back. The road cycling community has charity fatigue, and wants to be able to just ride without paying $150 for some red arrows and a production line sandwich. 

But here are my thoughts on the various events on in and around Adelaide:

  • The Bupa Challenge will always be the daddy of TDU week events, thanks to having the closest association with the actual race in terms of both organisation structure and the event format. The Bupa Challenge has avoided being hit by the charity fatigue issue by fine-tuning the Cancer Council presence to cut down on the number of begging letters.
  • Looking a little further than just Adelaide, CyclingTips has redefined the cycling event in Australia with their Giro della Donna event in the Dandenongs. The biggest compliment they could possibly get is that BikeSA quickly saw it was good and shamelessly aped it with their conversion of Amy's Ride SA into the Fleurieu Fondo event.
  • The CT program of TDU week events is great as well, their connections in the cycling industry and media market allow them to partner up with companies like Shimano and some of the UCI Women's Teams. Their TDU events have the unique factor of being completely funded by sponsors, so they fill the 'just ride' gap nicely.
  • Revolve24 is a big unknown. It's an official TDU associated event, the format is completely different to anything else currently present here, and it also has a strong but relatively unobtrusive charity connection with the Leukaemia Foundation. They could do with the program incorporating something that's a bit less racy and a bit more participatory, but I reckon we'll see that in the second year.

So my thought is that the answer is no, RLC will not have a new like-for-like replacement. I reckon the replacements are here already even though they are different.

that's done and dusted,   final RLC.

I have rode it 3 times over the years, the last being approx 5 years ago.

Numbers have certainly dwindled, even the police prescence was less, that is to be expected for a smaller crowd.

Attendance looked to be approx 1/3 of what I saw 5 years ago.

Whilst riding the course you could see a huge amount of cyclists on other rides, such as ride along with teams or just get out there yourself, so with all the options for rides with other smaller ' free' groups it is not surprising the event is being dis-continued.

Now that every event seems to have a jersey etc.. people are spoiled for ride options and seeing it was typically a locals ride, most people had done the course multiple times over the years.

Thanks to SA Police for your efforts over the years and for putting on a great ride. 

Yeah as others have said, with plenty of free options I struggle to see the value.

Check out for a pretty comprehensive list of rides and activities.


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