I don't get the Advertiser for so many reasons however I could not avoid having a look at an article when I saw the paper whilst waiting for an appointment.

I found it online which I thought was unusual as it is subscription based, I have clipped a couple of paragraphs below as it was a long article.


Miles Kemp, The Advertiser, January 10. 2018

"SA Police figures show cyclists are on target to contribute $1.25 million in fines to State Government coffers this financial year, up from $514,199 in 2014/15.

Officers are also on track to pull over 8308 riders this financial year, up from 6654 in 2014/15, before new cycling safety laws were introduced."

This is the bit that interested me

"However police are only on target to stop 24 motorists for breaching the overtaking rules this financial year. Most of those caught breaking the rule are being cautioned, not fined."

and later in the article

"In 2016/17, 41 drivers were pulled over, with ten of those fined, and in 2015/16, 31 pulled over and 12 fined."

Obviously cyclists should not be breaking the road laws. I'd like to think that they are being fined for meaningful breaches and not petty misdeeds. Obeying the law avoids fines and improves relations with motorists.

My issue is with the minimal attention to close passing by motorists. I know it is hard to prosecute on one party's word versus the other's, and I know video evidence does not seem to count for much.

It seems to me that a pass is deemed ok if the vehicle gets past without contact, i.e. there is no blood splash or viscera on the camera, no car shaped dents in the cyclist or cyclist shaped dents in the car.

The one metre space at 60kph and 1.5 metre at above 620 kph seems to be optional and luckily most drivers seem capable of observing it.

For those people who can't drive, I'd like to think that technology may help in the future. Perhaps roadside cameras in cyclist hotspots could be set up to measure passing distance.

Undercover police on bikes with cameras would be really effective but I imagine WHS guidelines would prevent dangerous activities like riding bikes on roads.

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I do Ross, but the default / muscle memory setting is to use the bell. So even if I do call out, it's usually not until the bell fails, and I end up being close anyway.

And, the law does require all bikes to have one, and to use it when required. I also have an arm that I could use to signal turning left when driving, but the technology is available and the law requires the use of indicators :-)

Rod, when I opened your link on my phone it said it wasn't available in our region, but on the computer I didn't see that. I did also go to amazon.com.au https://www.amazon.com.au/Crane-Bell-Steel-Mount-Bicycle/dp/B00KFCY...

We currently have something like this (like I said, bad quality) https://www.amazon.com.au/BICYCLE-Bell-Mini-Steel-Black/dp/B078HBNW...

I wouldn't mind one of these https://www.amazon.com.au/Rex-Ding-Dong-Bike-Black/dp/B077Q541PW/re...

or maybe this would do it even for those with earbuds in or those people who are old enough for but think they don't need a hearing aid yet https://www.amazon.com.au/Auveach-Sounds-Ultra-loud-Bicycle-Electro...

And apparently luxury bells worth $60+ do exist :-{


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