Adelaidenow/Messenger currently running poll on bike registration

There is an item today on Adelaidenow/Messenger in relation to the Campbelltown silly idea to impose bike registration on cyclists. Cyclists know it would not work and only discourage cycling (which is probably  the real agenda of some), however they are running a poll which surprisingly currently shows a small majority in support on the idea.  While such polls are hardly scientific or unbiased, they are nonetheless  tools that are used to lobby the point and justify a position.  I would therefore urge AC members to jump on the site and vote in the poll

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Have done it.

There's another article too, looking to lynch the guy who ran into that woman on Currie street

If the rider who did that is reading this, I would encourage them to hand themselves in. It may make the difference between a prosecution and a simple expiation. 

He has. I saw an update on Facebook last night from the Police News.

Excellent news!

Vote early and vote OFTEN.

But don't dignify idiots by replying to their comments. 

The problem with not replying to some of the comments is that is just perpetuates the ignorance. Particularly in relation to the fallacy that rego pays for roads, we should just swamp them with "no it doesn't, our income tax, GST and council rates pay for roads".  Even if the posters keep living in their fantasy world, it would be good to start education some of the readers.

Trolls aren't posting for a discussion or an education, they are looking for a fight! The one thing they can't handle is an echo chamber, it's boring.

Unfortunately there's already too many comments taking the bait, so you may as well add to it. 

People like this are making cycling worse for all us.

OK, obviously running into people is bad. And I have no idea what happened. But, that is a complete and utter beat up - as is this.

40km/h? How is it even possible to estimate the speed when you are hit from behind? Does the victim or the journalist even consider how fast 40km/h on a bicycle actually is?

The victim says the cyclist stopped and asked her if she was alright. Who knows how she replied - I've seen people with injuries immediately say they are alright when they weren't. It is hardly a hit and run if you stop, ask if the person is injured and they say they are ok and walk off - not a sterling effort by any stretch of the imagination but not cut and dry - I guess the truth will come out.

The SA spokesman for the Pedestrian Council of Australia, Dr Rob Atkinson, said he was alarmed but not surprised at the recent incidents. “We absolutely will see more of this and people will die – it’s already happened in Melbourne and Sydney,” he said.

What is this guy on about? In Victoria and NSW it is illegal to ride a bicycle on the footpath if you are 12 or over. Is he saying 11 year olds have killed pedestrians and so the law there needs to be changed or footpath speed limits imposed? No its just a nonsense to add to a hysterical beat up.

Certainly the guy who hit the woman was riding too fast for the conditions and is fully to blame. The police can easily charge him with a variety of offences - but to suggest that people riding at the 50km/h speed limit on footpaths is an actual problem which needs addressing seems to me to be a nonsense.

Look at this. "A hit and run cyclist ran into and fractured the hip of a 61 year old woman".

Scroll down to the last page and read the post by Barney Green. When you have a one sided story and the judge, jury and executioner are a biased media then worth trying to read between the lines to establish the truth.

(Repost with minor clarification)

Cycle-pedestrian deaths in Sydney and Melbourne? When? The last one I'm aware of, Australia-wide, was in the Melbourne suburbs 2006, and even then the rider was one of the infamous "Hell Ride" group, so presumably it didn't happen on a footpath or shared path.

It's terrible that woman broke her ribs the other day, and unless there's some major detail we haven't heard, the cyclist was clearly in the wrong. But (and I know I'm preaching to the choir here) that's got to be balanced against the number of car vs cycle deaths, and car vs pedestrian deaths.


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