Does anyone know whether there is a fastest recorded time for the trip from the GPO along Anzac Hwy to Glenelg by bike?


I heard many years ago that it was about 11 minutes, done years before I ever heard the time.  That would be an average of about 60km/hr.

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was this before traffic lights ?
I believe so.  Possibly soon after the road was sealed the whole way.

Back in the mid 90's the city to bay (fun run) had a cycle leg up front. We had about 6 of us time trialing and slip streaming behind a police escort with a full road closure. Average speed was well over 60km/hr.


Unfortunately, no one was set up at the finish and we couldn't have a sprint in (to see who would get overall line honors).


Needless to say, they cancelled it after that year.

Hmm, average of 60km/hr over that distance?

The pros average what, around 50km/hr or so when time trialling on modern bikes...

Of course it would be a great race! Wonder if Mike Turtur reads these forums??

The average speed of a motor vehicle from Glenelg to the city including stops at lights and so forth is around 28 km/hr....I can average about 35-37 km/hr over the same route on  my bike....

60km/hr sounds a bit fast. I'm sure there was some record established at some stage though, whether official or un-official. Record attempts between various points and various distances were very popular at one time. No doubt the introduction of traffic lights and changes in road routes caused problems. Gawler to Adelaide or vice versa was a very popular record I believe.




With no cars on the road and all the traffic lights locked to green, it would be a lot of fun to do this! With an effectively dead straight road on a slightly down hill gradient, you could fly!!!!

The best in the world would be looking at around the 55kph mark by themselves, so the 60 mark would be achievable by a team of pros. I think a few of the local state riders could possibly do it above 45kph in a solo effort.....either way, a race would be awesome to watch :)

It's quite feasible given it's a one-way course (not out and back).  Down hill, and with a good tail wind, 60kmh+ is quite attainable solo.  I have averaged 55kmh in one section of a flat time trial on an out-leg (I won't say what the back-leg average was - shocking!).  If the wind blows enough and in the right direction...


Rohan Dennis averaged 49kmh in a PACC ITT in September last year - an out and back 17.5km which includes a slow u-turn on the Outer Harbor TT course.  PACC's Carly Light set a new womens record in January, averaging a smidge under 42kmh.  Conditions on both those days was a light cross wind, not perfect by any means.

Members of Cancer Voices SA were very fortunate to get a green light ride on Lance's twitter ride from Sth Tce to Glenelg, a couple of red lights between Vic Sq and Sth Tce. But we didn't average 60kmh,wouldn't have been right to tire the fellow out the day before the 1st race.
Would be good to see this done as an annual event.


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