I've been thinking about getting a hold of a cheap frame for restoring/converting to a single speed. I've kept my eye out on the usual sites (ebay, gumtree) but the sellers/buyers there are clearly too savvy and know what people will pay for old beat up bikes, so they're never cheap.

I've heard people talking about "tip shops" or "dump shops" on other forums, which I take to mean basically a recycling/waste yard with a shop which sells stuff back to the public.

Does anyone know if any such place exists in Adelaide at all ?

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I have been to the one at hahndorf but i wouldn't call it cheep . I think you would have more luck going to garage sales and lions bargain centers .

Adelaide Community Bicycle Workshop,  recycles old bikes, & has  10-15 steel frame 10-speed bikes, complete or near complete.  

Also recycled bike parts, e.g single speed clusters, handlebars, brakes, pedals.

You can  use the workshop's tools, to do the conversion.

We can't go much below $25-$30 for an old bike. But ....

The workshop is a community facility, run by volunteers, for the benfit of the public. Selling parts and bikes, is our only way to raise funds, to keep the place open. So what you pay, goes to a good cause.  No one is making any money out of it, it all goes to keep the workshop running.  

   34 Long Street Plympton -  open 9-12 Saturdays.

Mike Brisco - 0435 02 16 81

I knew about your group but I thought that it was purely a charity thing. I wasn't aware that you sold to the general public.

I'm going to drop in tomorrow morning and take a look. My mother in law has a couple of bikes that she'd like to donate.

Dropped in on Saturday to take a look around. Looks like a good group and will definitely be back next weekend to give you guys a hand and maybe pick up some stuff :)

Spread the word :-)

I'll be popping in bright and early Saturday morning to finally get the locked up freewheel off of my fixie.

There are a few of them around but they are NOT cheap. The one at Lonsdale usually sells bikes for what you'd pay on the trading post or a bit more (not quite a rip off but aspiring to it). There's another way down south the sticks a gun in your back and reaches for your wallet as you walk in. I think your best bet is to have a chat with Mike Brisco and see what you can find that way.

Unless you want to do the job for the fun of it, it will be cheaper to buy a new SS - there are some very cheap, quite usable bike out there now. A bloke on this forum recently bought quite a decent SS for $400 - while that might sound a lot, by the time you buy a frame, sort out some wheels, replace the rubbers, cables and chain (which you'll always have to do), find a saddle etc, a cheap, new bike makes a lot of sense. On the other hand, it's a lot of fun building up bikes. Equally, there are some quite cheap frames and some, such as Surley, are quite good quality.

VISP (ebay) also sell a decent frame at a very low price, SS and geared - my son's frame cost about $180 shipped to our door. Sure, the welds are rough but you file them if you want and the paint is ghastly, but a coat of paint is easy.

My Road Chief came off ebay for $20. She didn't look like much and had some of the cheapest components I've ever come across (unfinished, pressed tin brake calipers for example) but the frame has proven to be quite light. She's now had more outfits than a supermodel. Keeping an eye on the auctions is still a good move - you're buying the frame, not the rest of the crap.

I mainly want something to pull apart and work on. I like the idea of picking up a junker and restoring it or converting it to something nice.

Those VISP frames look interesting, may make a good project for the future.

That's my take on things. I waste a lot of money mucking about with cheap bikes, but it's good fun, cheaper than booze and I like to tell myself I'm improving my skills for working on the good bikes ... and that must be true because I keep finding more creative ways of stuffing things up :(

Lion's shed, Shepards Hill Rd, Saturday mornings.

Bicycle workshop, and ask Mike Brisco what he has in his pile of Bikes For Refugees collection.

If you are after a big bike there are some good ones but you will need to have long legs.

What size frame are you after ? I have a largeish old graecross thats due to get dumped in the recycling


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