It was great to see so many AC jersey's on Amy's Ride (except for me ironically). Many of you would have also seen them out and about and are no doubt thinking to yourselves "I really must get on to getting myself one of those". 

Ordering for the 2nd and most probably final round closes this Sunday night so they will be back in time for Christmas. 

Jump over to the jersey page here and get all the details. The most popular has been the Elite jersey with it's full zip, quality 49% poly/51% HO-Cooling fabric blend and neat cut.

There is now a full range of sizes available as well from XS to XXXXL. (size chart).


If anyone has a photo or a review post it up here as a comment. It'd be great to see an archive happening.

Elite Jersey

Imported Italian Fabric
Unparalleled Comfort
Full Length Invisible Zipper
3 Back Pockets
Contoured and Fitted Sleeve
200 GSM

Price: $112 - click to buy.

Size chart


Standard Jersey
Moisture Wicking Fabric
Standard 3/4 Invisible Zipper
3 Back Pockets
Standard Elastic Sleeve Cuff
180 GSM weight Lycra
Price: $85 - click to buy.

Elite Bib Knicks

Contour Cut Pattern
Leg Grippers
290 GSM weight Lycra
Flat Lock Stitching
Imported Italian Fabric
Elite Chamois
Price: $135 - click to buy.


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If I can sell my new unused Elite XXL jersey for close to what I paid, I will order a larger size. Its very tight!

Really comfortable jersey, I taken mine out for two good rides, one 250k's plus. However, I would of preferred none of the Seight advertising, or a very least it being a bit smaller, I understand they are kindly manufacturing the jerseys, (small production runs, a variety of sizes and all that), but the main reason for why I was attracted to the "Adelaide Cyclists" - "Cat. 6 racing" Jersey - was that I would not be a moving billboard.  None-the-less thanks Angus for organising such a unique and localised item of cycling apparel.

With a bit of robbing Peter to pay Paul I have just ordered my standard jersey and will now try to convince family members that this should be their xmas pressie to me and that they will need to reimburse me (kids, are you getting the hint???????)

Does anyone think I'll have much luck?????............

On ya Griffo! So you won't be allowed to wear it until Dec 25. 

Hi everyone. You won't believe this but the jersey's will be with you (post willing) by Friday this week. Pretty fast turnaround. We must have scored 1st class seats to China and back.

There are some spares coming in as well (mostly jerseys but some bibs too) so if you didn't order and want one or you have a friend/ spouse/lover/ wheel sucker that wants one then drop me a line or watch the jersey's page over the weekend when I work out what I've got. There are still three or four at The Bike Station as well (a medium and 2 large I think).


That's crazy quick! Kudos to them.


MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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