I moved from perth a number of years ago and the majority of riders acknowledge each other with a gday,wave or a simple nod of the head.Here in Adelaide i bery rarely get any response from fellow riders to the extent where its almost fround upon and older riders are the worst.Im 53 and really cant understand this.
A few weeks ago I went for a ride in the barossa and i saw 2 other riders and they both waved and said gday.
Come on Adelaide cyclists lets staet acknowledging each other in our beautiful sport and say gday.

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I always say "G'day mate"  or just a nod if they are a bit too far away  !  But I'm one of the very "old school".

Hey Craig - this has been a common thread on cycling forums I have seen.
Whilst not totally required a cheerio is great and I too typically make acknowledgment.

I'd like to put it down to - too many cyclists - you know familiarity and all that stuff, who wants to be waving every other moment..

PS: We are the same age!

I certainly do offer a wave/nod/hi when I'm up in the hills, but not when I'm on a busy bike route down near the city.

Perhaps I should do this less, so that I don't use them all up before I get to 50 years old ;-)

Yes, it really depends on how often you see other cyclists.  In the city you'd spend all your time waving.

Also, 15 years ago you'd acknowledge other cyclists as a fellow deviant even in the city. (We were usually old and had beards.) Now there are too many of us and too many different types.

Having said that, I was struck by how friendly other Australians were when on a ride from Brisbane to Melbourne.  Perhaps it was because I was with my sister, who'd wave to to sleepy lizard.

i don't do it, interacting with people confuses me at times.  

If I meet a rider clearly in a training trance, I'll lift a finger off the bar in greeting, and don't really expect anything back. A fellow recreational rider on the other hand gets a proper wave if they look like they're enjoying themselves. Usually that gets a good response. Either way my ride enjoyment is not conditional on another riders good cheer.

Well definitely one positive with the cycling community is the willingness to look out for each other more than other sections of the community. I blew a tube on the way home from work last night, no big deal but had about 5 cyclists pass, all at least slowed down just to look and see if I was ok, a couple of them stopped and asked if I needed any assistance. About 50 cars go past, one guys in a commodore slowed down to laugh at me (gives us commodore drivers a bad name!) no reaction from any of the rest of them.


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