Look closely at the banner photograph above...yep the one that stares down at us as we trawl AC looking for cycling news and reviews and you will notice that there is something wrong.  Yes, that's right, the photo is of a foreign bike lane!  So the AC banner is not AC at all...not very PC!

The photo is clearly taken of a bike lane where cars & bikes travel on the right hand side of the road.  The stencil pattern of the bike on the bike lane suggests the direction of travel is bottom left to top right, with cars travelling to the left of the bike lane.  But the big giveaway is that the bike lane is clear of glass, gravel, sticks, leaves, metal objects, dead cats and parked cars...obviously not an Adelaide bike lane!

So why do we have a foreign picture at the top of OUR page?  Aren't any of our local photos good enough? What's the go, hey Gus!  We want answers!  Next you will be telling us that the whole show is run by some blow in from Sydney who only moved here for the cheap Coopers!

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we're onto ya, looks like another post-war commie plot, turn your back and next thing you know the united nations takes your guns away and your homeland is ran by foreiners with funny names on their bikes and they take down the street signs and change your flag to cover up a proud history of my mothers cup cakes and gone are the days of hand picked mixed lollies in paper bags for 10 cents from the corner deli and more we tap water we drink the more we become toxic  oh for the purity of essence......ohhh the horror....the horror....the horror...

(I love conspiracy theories, nice discussion Don!)



1d of mixed lollies, and get four different ones.  Why do we have this dismal guernsey (since 14/2/1966)?  And frog measurements?  (When Decimal Currency was introduced in Australia, some very old people (such as my grandparents, born in the 1890's) had trouble with the concept of a dollar being equal to 10/-, as, traditionally, the dollar had been 5/-.)  How does one play "twopence halfpenny" (a card game) with decimal currency?

The Germans won the war after all, by imposing the name of their coinage on us.  Joachimsthaler>thaler>dollar.  (BTW, did you know that the EU named their currency after an Australian animal?)

I seem to recall that "Euro" was a suggestion for the name of our decimal currency.

Nothing to do with Europe but the name of our native macropod also known as "wallaroo".




Not only that, but before they settled on 'euro' it was the 'emu' (european monetary unit)

The only Adelaide bike lane that is as smooth and clean as this one is the one outside of Patrick's house...that would be Conlon, not O'Kane!

Shut up! You're banned.

Nice of you to notice, no one else has commented! 

.. and I don't even like Coopers! 

WHAT...first a foreign photo, then we find out you are from Sydney and now you say you don't like Coopers!  I think you should be the one to be banned!!!!

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