A preview of an event coming soon: H'eroica, we ride like heroes (just for one day)

Route announced - details here.


This is advanced invitation from Easy Tiger and myself of an onroad-offroad fun randonneur event through the Adelaide Hills or Little Italy as it is often referred to, on Sept 11th.

L'Eroica is an event in Italy that travels through the wine region of Chianti during spring along the "strade bianchi" (white roads) made famous in Stage 7 of the 2010 Giro that Cadel Evans won, and the classic Montepaschi Strade Bianche' one day event.

The Adelaide Hills has so many undiscovered vistas that you have probably never dreamed of existed and basically remain secret to all but the locals. The ever-opening expanses of hills, and car-less roads provide a sublime experience, that need to be shared. Logically it seems like the ideal region to have it's own L'Eroica.

We are calling it Adelaide Cyclists H'eroica - we ride h'eroica, just for one day.

It's going to be on Sunday September 11th starting at 9am. All welcome, no one is left behind. It's not a race... it's a exploration!

The route will be roughly from Norton Summit, Basket Range, Forest Range, Fox Creek, where there will be refreshments and please encourage your family and friend to come out and meet us. Returns from there can be either by Carey Gully, Piccadilly Valley or Cudlee Creek and Gorge Rd. The road surfaces will be a mix of bitumen and compacted gravel roads - "strada giallo". Accordingly your carbon fibre racer should not be used, but mountain bikes, cross-bikes, touring bikes, single-speeds, and whatever else deemed fit for purpose.

The Italian L'Eroica is not a race but a 'period' bike/ wear rally so we would love to encourage some retro bikes and kit for the event but understand not everyone has access to a pre 1980 bicycle or jersey but we will try in spirit to feel the part.

As the Italians do there will be rest stops of wine and cheese and a good get together at the end with lashings of chianti hopefully at the local winery so your family and friends can come up and share the event.

More details to come but watch the event page here on AC.

Photos of L'Eroica on Flickr.


This is a video of a motorcycle going down Blockers Rd - one of the main legs of our routes - turn the volume off and put on some Italian opera music.


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He's excited to get a hoodie... wants in on some rioting now!

Thanks ET. Now I have to decide if I a going to 'cheat' by putting a triple on a late 70's early 80's bike (if its even possible).

Instead of cheating, because it might be tricky, try replacing the freewheel (not a cassette) for a new one with a 14 - 32 on it. I just got a new chain and new freewheel (13 - 28) - (because changing them go together like a horse and carriage). Pretty cheap, both $40 - $50.

Go and see Clark's Cycles on Magill Rd. He's good for stuff for older bikes. He'll also have tyres that will fit 27" wheels which I assume yours are. Is this the Ricardo you are mucking about with? Otherwise come to the workshop on Saturday and see Mike Brisco who will also advise and we might have some bits and pieces to help.

Cheers Angus. Will do.

First bigger tyres, then I was going to ease people into the idea of getting as many gears as possible!

Oh dear, I will have three gears.

Any guide as to the max gradient? It will aid the selection of the gear inches for the day, and choice of walking shoes.

Lower gears will certainly be of help. There are a couple of places that are quite steep like Checkers or Corkscrew, but they are reasonably short, in the realm of 100-200m rather than 500m or a km. It is a combination of the gradient and the surface that makes them a challenge. So some people will have to consider the possibility of walking some short sections.

When we rode it I walked a short section. Mostly because on dirt with no knobbys I was losing traction..

so would the plan be for road tyres on the mountain bike, or leave the knobblies on?

If you've got knobby tyres I wouldn't swap them. We're not looking for speed. Just fun!

roger that!  Speed I don't have so that work well too!

We've 99% locked in the route and catering at the half-way/ destination point.

Here is a slice of the route.


MidSeason wk20 - 120x600

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