While riding along Hancock road between Milne and Grenfell I had a wake up call when the driver of the Honda drove past slow enough for his dog (german shepherd) to stick his head out the window and bark at me! Luckily I kept control, I then witnessed the same thing happen to a pedestrian about 30m in front of me, he moved his car as far as he could to the left without hitting the gutter and slowed down just so his dog could do it's thing and scare the crap out of the unsuspecting victim.

He then did a u turn as if he had his fun and was going home, I know the car and the dog, but do you think i looked at the number plate? Nope! but i will be looking for him on my travels on Hancock road again, I might just bark back at him!

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Get the rego next time and report him to police. Also might be able to report him to local council for failing to have his dog under control.

it may make an interesting conversation what constitutes a dog attack?

he doesn't sound like a responsible dog owner

before the hate mail starts I do own two dogs (they sleep on the bed)

people abuse their pets......by letting them do or encourage bad behaviour......pretty sure he wouldnt want to do the same near me as I may want to take home a doggy bag for my family :)

Give it a squirt with the bidon next time that usually shuts them up. if you're a good shot you might get the driver too.

Dog and Cat Management Act 1995—1.2.2010

Part 5—Management of dogs

Division 1—Offences relating to duties of owners and others responsible for control of dog

24 This version is not published under the

Legislation Revision and Publication Act 2002 [9.2.2010]

44—Dogs not to be allowed to attack etc

(1) A person who sets on or urges a dog to attack, harass or chase a person or an animal or

bird owned by or in the charge of another person is guilty of an offence (whether or

not actual injury is caused).

Maximum penalty: $10 000 or imprisonment for 2 years.


I think this clause covers it.......not sure many people are serving time for this offence  though.


Did you see the colour of the wheels? I might know the guy... (which is a little embarrassing) 

@sam no I didnt really take much notice of the rims, could have been standard alloy rims

@Phil If I'm quick enough i'll try that

I'm not bagging dog owners, i have had dogs in the past, if you want to have fun with your dogs i can think of many more ways, go to a park and throw a stick etc etc.

I wonder how many pet owners actually know the laws.

@frank, i doubt that you would drive close to cyclists or pedestrians for some fun?

Is there now anything in ARR about having an unrestrained dog in a moving vehicle? When I was hit and injured some years ago, the driver used the excuse that her dog jumped on her lap -- but she also used other excuses. In the event of a collision, unrestrained animals can become projectiles and hurt their owners.

People are not permitted to have limbs projecting when in a moving vehicle (except for hand signalling when their indicators fail). Is there a similar rule about animals?

as i understand presently it is an offense to dive with a dog in your lap.

Surely that would depend on how long the mutt could hold its breath?

I noticed the word "dive" but knew what was meant. If I pointed it out, would people pick on my typos, e.g. recently "space" instead of "spacer".

hello heather, I saw your "space" and also knew what you meant.

BTW- I think a good idea was raised re the group buying a(or some) communal bike bag/case(s) I  would be happy to contribute a few dollars to help my travelling brothers/sisters.

but , I have to say that this "dive" typo was very funny to see- and i couldn't help myself!

have a great day!


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