A while back I started a discussion on Bib shorts, after doing a bit of research and taking in advise from the replies AC i've decided on 2XU cycling bib tights. On the 2XU website it says i'm a LT but im a bit sus on the sizing because im XXL in most other brands.

I'm 6'3 (190cm) and 98kgs.

Has anyone brought 2XU and was the sizing correct???

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You can go into the 2XU store on The Parade and try the gear on. Safest option :-)

hi scott i have a pair of 2XU bib shorts that are a medium and i am 5' 8/9" and 65kls and i found them to be abit big in the legs i also have a pair of 2XU leggings that are a small and thats in line with what is printed on the box although the store guy wanted to sell me XS ,best option as juz suggests is go to the concept store in the parade and try some on.

I'm happy with the sizing, I bought the XXL comp bibshorts. But I'm 7 cm shorter and 7 kg heavier than you. When I bought them I was borderline XL / XXL. Perhaps someone else will have info on the length of the tights.
I've bought a few 2xu items. I find the size chart to be pretty good, but a little on the generous size. If in doubt I would go with the smaller size. Safest bet though is as Juz said. If buying via eBay etc it's in your hands I guess.

The other option I was looking at was buying the standard compression tights and wearing them either under or over my Bibs.

Has anyone tried this?


@ scott i wear them in winter but always over my shorts i find there a great help with keeping the cramp at bay on winter nightrides.

I'm 6ft5 and 110 kilos and normally XXL in most things - but got a XL pair after agonising over the chart as my combo was off the chart - the bigger the size seems to cater for weight, not length.

They fit fine and are comfortable - apart from the fact that they are cut low over the sides\hips - so if my Jersey rides up a little, a small part of my sides are exposed - not sure if the XXL are cut higher to avoid this.


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