Torn on my next road endurance bike purchase between these 2. Any input?
2018 Addict 10 disc ‘V’ 2018 Defy Advanced Pro 1 disc?

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I like the colour scheme of the 2018 Defy Advance Pro 1 with the green trim over the single colour Addict 10. But I would spend the extra cash and buy the SCOTT Addict Gravel 10 Disc Bike - 2018....mmm nice.

I hear ya. 4K limit.

This is a pretty close comparison, but I'd go with the Addict for four reasons:

  1. Fewer proprietary components
  2. Nervous about a 16 spoke front wheel with disc brakes for an endurance bike
  3. The Giant Gavia tyres have a reputation for being terrible in the wet and I'm still not keen on tubeless tyres for the road in general
  4. I've always seen a better level of attention to detail on Scott bikes than Giant bikes - even though Giant are the manufacturer of many Scott frames it all comes down to which company is specifying the product.

Any good bike shop could deal with 2 & 3 by simply swapping out the wheels and tyres.

#2 agreed I wouldn't like a 16spoke front disc wheel either.

re #3 - Dave M have you tried road tubeless tyres? (I am not going back to tubes anytime soon)

Trevor - consider the Focus Paralane.  It has got some clever features.


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