I'm building myself a commuter (based on a Giant CFR Team from the late '90s). Trying to do it with minimal expense, so it will be a bit of a mongrel, but hopefully in a nice way. :)

So I'm looking for a set of 10 speed shifters (105 5600 series or Ultegra or thereabouts) at a reasonable price. I've hunted ebay, does anyone know where else I could look? Or have a set cluttering up your shed maybe?

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You'll be lucky to pick up a set of ten speed shifters second hand for much cheaper than a new set from OS. I've just spent weeks trawling the 'net for this kind of thing and then found it was only slightly more expensive to just buy new from Ribble.

Otherwise just call up every bike shop in town...they often take bits off bikes (ie a TT conversion) and have parts laying around.

depends what you consider a "reasonable" price! :)   Ribble have them listed for $152.38


chuckle - thats what I paid for my frame. That's the most I want to pay, was hoping for around $100.

I'll look at Ribble, them I havn't tried.

105 5600 series for $100! Tell 'em they're dreaming! You'd need to find someone whose bike has been written off in an accident to get them that cheap.

PS, why does the word "shifter" sometimes appear as "brifter" on online forums??? Is "shift" to close to another word, so its getting filtered?

an amalgam of Brakes and Shifter. 

Thanks! Yet more bike slang to learn

I wouldn't recommend buying second hand 5600 series shifters. The left shifters were not the most reliable batch. The ratchet pawl fails and they are not serviceable. The issue has been fixed in the 5700 series, it's also likely not an issue with new 5600's.

In my limited experience the 5600's also seem to chew gear cables a little more than the 5700 series. 

Some people use the word brifter - a shortening of Brake/Shifter

Some people use the word brifter - a shortening of Brake/Shifter

Better than "shakes" I guess

Having been extremely frustated at the inability to get a reasonably priced set of shimano brifters , I took the plunge and went to shimergo route, mating my Shimano derailleurs with Campag Ergo shifters. They work perfectly when combined with a Shiftmate #3 , which reduces the campag pull ratio to match the shimano derailleurs. Happy as a pig in......

Campag Ergo Shifters are much much cheaper.

Currently running Shimano Ultegra 10x 28-11 speed on my commuter, 105 medium cage derailleur with bar end shifters on drop handlebars. Working a treat and I have no problem with gear selection without indexing. Advantage is MUCH cheaper than brifters and you can use the lovely Cane Creek brake levers too. Got everything on Wiggle. The levers work really well with Avid shorty cantilevers for awesome all weather stoppers...Buy now or wait for sale prices...paid 26 pounds for the shifters for the pair and similar for the levers.  The hoods by the way are rubber and wearing well / comfy.



+1 for bar end levers.  I have my eye on those Cane Creek levers for when my 30 year old Weinmann brake levers give up.

OK here's an update.

Did lots of hunting. Found a set of 105 5700 series for $210 in Taiwan. Yes I know I said I only wanted to pay $100, but considering everything this seems a great deal. 

@ Mark H - good news to hear! I had no idea about the pawl in the 5600 series. 

I got a NOS 105 10 speed octalink crankset for $47, so that makes up for the bigger spend on the shifters. All feels good.

And now I only have derailleurs to get and I can build! woot!


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