Not often at this time of the year you get a 23 degree day and no wind....not much better day you would get this time of year to ride a bike. Hope nobody wasted this oppotunity to get out and where did you ride to today?

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Was a great mornings ride Keith. 112km I can only dream of.. I envy you :)

Did my usual Cobwebs ride from the Buffalo at Glenelg. Fantastic ride Today, great weather and an excellent group ride. Then moved to South parklands, went for a nice ride around Norwood and surrounds, back to Greenhill rd. Cancer Council HQ to greet the Supercycle team finishing their 1000km ride.

What an encredible effort by these guys and girls. They had some very tough days over the last week but raised a huge amount of money and finished in style all looking very happy.

Rode through the city and north Adelaide . Parked for a few hours at the tasting SA event down by the Torrens . Beautiful day for a cold cider and a bit of good food in the sun.

Linear Park in the arvo, work commute in the early evening, next few days are looking hopeful as well!

Was at my partners place at Oaklands Park...went to Glenelg, up to Seacliff, then along Cove Rd to Lonsdale hwy. Turned around and went back along Cove Rd, then to Seacombe Rd, Marion Rd back just on dusk for a 26 kp/h average including traffic and a non-functioning computer until Diagonal Rd...wheel magnet had 'slipped' out of place...

Beautiful low sun on the water at Glenelg/ Brighton...nice

Went to mclaren vale and back today. not a hard ride. average of 20-25kph. great weather.
Mile end to lenswood with 3 x norton repeats on the way for 90km. 10km run off bike

Semaphore to Nortons (NOT x 3 repeats ala Darren) and back through the city to Henley and then up to Semaphore, a casual 60k with a nice little 28kph ave.

Took my new commuter up her first hills. Just so she doesn't think its all flat.

Fantastic weather.

Big effort by Hugh. Congratulations

WOW!! Good on him.

Oh, and you too :)

Hallett Cove via beaches for the suburban street hills..(without highspeed traffic)

Days like that are why i love Adelaide's four season weather!


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